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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Economic climate has been crunched nowadays. Companies are now moving towards
downsizing or so called rightsizing. Therefore they are only requiring those individuals who are
the best fit for the particular job. The people with the average or below average skills set are
now in serious threat of job losses. Even the big MNC are going for rightsizing and laying off
thousands of the employees. The students who are single and are in their bachelors or in masters
programs are well off. They are molding themselves according to the most updated skills. There
is a problem for the moms and dads who are doing their jobs in the companies. Therefore, they
are limited to their jobs and their household lives. They are not able to resume to the studies
for doing diplomas or extra courses and degrees in order to update themselves with the current

One of the problems is the funds needed for higher education, because the higher education has
become very expensive. Especially for an average working mom or dad, it is quite impossible
to bear the expenses of education along with the household expenses. That is why the US
government has been offering the special grant programs every year in which they offer
scholarships for working moms and dads. These are the special grant programs and are newly
introduced in Obama’s Government. The government knows that thing clearly that when the
economy will become better partially, there will be the high demand of high quality workers.
In this mean time the parents have got enough time to go to the college again and can have a
competent degree or diploma. In this way they can boost their competencies and they can obtain
promotions, the desired jobs and can excel in their career.

This grant program is known as the scholarships for working moms. US government has seen
a good potential in the education of working moms because the educated mothers are more likely
to raise the good children. Applicants for this program of scholarships for working moms must
have to meet the requirements by providing evidences that they really need those funds for the
further education. They have to show the strong consent that they will finish their education.

The amount for some of these grants ranges to $10,000 each year, which is a quite big sum
of amount. And one can opt for many grants simultaneously and can have as much financial
assistance as much as he can have through multiple grants. Many of the schools, colleges and
universities are taking part in these programs of scholarships for working moms. Nowadays
online schools are also participating in these grant programs in order to help the working moms.
These types of schools are very much beneficial for those working moms who don’t have enough
free day hours.

One of the astounding facts is that, these grants or scholarships for working moms are
absolutely free! No any down payment, repayment or collateral is required for these grants!

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